Portraits at Home and Balmoral Beach [Child Photographer Mosman Sydney]

We are very grateful to this beautiful family that we are able to show you some of their portraits.

Before we went off to Balmoral Beach for family portraits we spent some time photographing at this family’s home focusing on portraits with 10 week old baby brother. The late afternoon sun filled their lounge room and created lovely diffused light. Here we have captured the eldest of three boys sitting on the edge of a sofa. We have used a narrow depth of field to throw the background out of focus and highlight his adorable eyes and gentle personality.

Outgoing 6 yr old brother had lots of fun being photographed. By meeting at their home we were able to build rapport and chat about what favourite toys they had. We were in awe of their neatly arranged leggo collection.

Big brother and 10 week old little brother adore each other. This was an unplanned moment captured when big brother thought he would help amuse his little brother.

Big brother photographed here at Mosman’s famous Balmoral Beach. At the end of the day when the strong sunlight has dropped behind the rise, there is a short pocket of time for 20 to 30 minutes where the light is magical. There are no harsh shadows to be found on faces, and it is therefore easy for people to smile without squinting or frowning from the glare on the sand and water. At this time of the evening the light is gentle on the water and provides a calm, relaxed setting. Doesn’t this young boy have the most stunning eyes! I have used a narrow depth of field like I did for their home portraits so our focus stays on the boy.

Sorry we aren’t able to show you any family photographs with mum and dad due to privacy reasons.