Tikanga – A Guide to Te Āo Māori Book

Over the last few months I have been working alongside Māori expert Keri Opai and Upstart Press to create Tikanga – An introduction to te ao Maori. Here is a preview of what you will see.

Tikanga An Introduction to te ao Māori – our book is out now. Written by my esteemed friend Keri Opai (linguist, educator, official te reo translator, cultural advisor), accompanied by my photographs, the book gives readers an opportunity to peer into our Māori Universe. It is with great joy that we are able to feature our Taranaki people in the photos, some of which are from significant iwi events captured over the years. Thank-you to all those featured who gave their blessing to be included within. I’ll share these images over the next couple of weeks.
Here’s a little more about the book:

Tikanga is an accessible, beginner’s guide to the Māori world. In reality, it’s better described as a Māori universe with all of the subtleties, idiosyncrasies and nuances of any culture.

The book enables readers to peer into the wharenui (meeting house) with respectful curiosity and learn to appreciate some of the fascinating intricacies of the people, language and culture of indigenous Aotearoa.
Keri said “I hope the book will resonate with Pākehā, people who weren’t born here in Aotearoa and especially Māori people who are not familiar with Māori language and Māori cultural practices.”
You can pick up a book at any good book store throughout Aotearoa, NZ. In New Plymouth they are at Poppies Book Store and Whitcoulls . Alternatively you can order online through either of these retailers, or through the lovely people at Upstart Press who are the publisher.

NZ online ordering:
For those who haven’t been able to purchase one locally seeing they keep selling out, you can also order individual books for $39.99 direct from the publisher Upstart https://upstartpress.co.nz/product/tikanga/ – and for bulk orders use the discount code:
Tikanga20 for orders of 20 or more to get 20% off giving you a price of $32 ea
Tikanga50 for orders of 50 or more to get 40% off giving you a price of $24 ea












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