Northern Beaches Vet and her talented cat [pet photographer northern beaches sydney]

Meet Northern Beaches Vet Dr Kay Gerry and her tabby Fifi. Fifi is going to be known as the ‘office manager’ for Kay’s new vet clinic which will be opening soon on Sydney Road in Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
When you drive past her new premises you will see a giant banner of the portrait we took of the two of them (see below) at our photography studio in Brookvale.
Kay has cleverly decided to have all blog posts for the clinic to be told through Fifi’s eyes.
Here is an insight into Fifi and Kay as told by Fifi…
“Aunty [Kay] has always loved silver tabby cats. As a child she had one who flew around Australia with them. She was perfectly behaved except she was jealous of the budgie and would sit on the TV, his [the budgie’s] daytime place, as soon as the budgie was put to bed. Obviously the family was admiring the pesky budgie too much!
One day the Gerry girls then went shopping for a new kitten, leaving the Father at home. They returned with two littermates. From here there were three litters of silver tabbies & their crosses. Kittens were difficult to come by back then & one was even flown from Melbourne to Perth for a friend’s grandma.

Apparently I am very like Mummy’s favourite cat from those days, who enjoyed a little stunt bicycle riding on shoulders. Riding in the basket was a bit too safe for her. This cat also loved to keep the family’s two German Shepherds under control, with a quick swipe from her perch on a kitchen stool as they would come in the doggy door.

My interests are more sedate however. I enjoy chewing plastic, being in charge, playing with mousey toys & kittens and typing. I am very intelligent as I always understand the commands, but do the opposite. Also once I typed a Chinese character, a feat no other colleague has managed. Above all however, I adore helping the nurse to count the daily takings: I roll over & insist on attention & pats. Needless to say I am very helpful when I do this.
Aunty Kay has been a veterinarian now for 28 years, having practised in the UK & Singapore as well. Her interests are: vet, family, vet, vet, vet! She loves attending veterinary evening seminars where she can meet up with friends, eat & sit in the front row for the lecture! The latter was apparently due to an issue with her glasses but now the “geek” factor has taken over, much to her friends’ dismay, as they have to join her. She also enjoys vet conferences, especially if they are at a nice destination.
Aunty Kay believes she knows more vets in Sydney than any other vet, and she did not even go to Sydney University!
I am also really excited that I am going to have a blog in the window of the clinic site until the clinic opening, to give people some interest and keep them updated.”