Dog Portrait of Pebble the Schnauzer [Pet Photographer Sydney]

Talk about this little darling dog melting our hearts! We photographed this beautiful Schnauzer dog at our professional photography studio in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Read about Pebble’s story as told by her proud owner Gillian (below).

Gillian explains how she came to be Pebble’s loving parent. “My husband Mike put our name down with a Schnauzer dog breeder as there is usually a 6 month wait for pure bred puppies. I had no idea that he had done this. I was still grieving for our previous dog Chopper that had died aged 6 years old from a tumour on the spine. I was rather vehement about not having another dog, thinking I could never love another.
When Mike got the call that they had a puppy for us just six short weeks after Chopper had died, he literally had to drag me there to see Pebble. I remember hardening my heart and saying I would look after her, but never love her as I had Chopper.
Well of course, that took Pebble about a day to overcome. Born in a very large litter, and labelled rather cruelly I think, the ‘runt’, she was incredibly tiny and in constant need of being held close to the heart to settle her. She had, and continues to this day to have, a real knack for connecting with women. I think it is this need of hers’ to be protected and nurtured, very much like a small child, that calls to women.
Pebble is now 7 years old (born in May 2004) and has got the middle age signs of greying hair and stiffer joints. Call me biased, but I think she can still turn a head or two!”

Montana, my photography assistant and I were sooooo taken by Pebble with her human like expressions, placid nature and adorable big black eyes. We first met Pebble earlier this week when she was quietly starring in Gillian and Mike’s family portrait at their home in Collaroy. Pebble was most comfy nestled in close to Gillian’s heart with both front legs on Gillian’s chest (just like Gillian explained Pebble has done since puppy days). Can you hear us gushing at how gorgeous she looked!!! Our ‘behind the scenes’ video footage from both shoots was hilarious.