Opening Night of ‘TRIBE’ – a photographic exhibition by Maori Artist Tania Niwa

“My photography is all about connecting, capturing, and reflecting upon, the essence, character and soul of people, and their families, environment and culture.”
Photographic artist Tania Niwa draws inspiration and strength from her Maori cultural heritage. In her early career in 1994 whilst still living in Taranaki, New Zealand she created a ‘tribal’ series of indigenous portraits where she was able to infuse her images with the style, character and lore of her Maori ancestry inspired by her tribe’s treasured carved meeting house, Owae Marae and the majestic Mount Taranaki.
She has continued this series over her career to encompass Australian and New Zealand people from other indigenous cultures and more recently over the last five years has focused on capturing other creative women (wahine) from her tribe.

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