Te Rewa Rewa Bridge & Mount Taranaki Landscape – ChromaLuxe HD Metal Print


ChromaLuxe HD Metal Prints (ready to hang on wall) of Te Rewa Rewa Bridge & Mount Taranaki Landscape Limited Edition of 25.


Taranaki –  Ancestral House 2013 | Limited Edition 5/25

As a child of the mountain, I remain connected to Mounga (Mount) Taranaki and it’s surrounding landscape.  It continues to call me home to tell the stories of my ancestors.

The nightscape was captured just as I was about to pack up after taking a series of the mountain with Te Rewa Rewa Bridge in the foreground.

I experimented with a 30 second exposure.  It was almost pitch black, even though the image suggests a different story. What it revealed to me was absolutely mesmerising. There is such symbolism in that the mountain radiated a vibrant warm glow, which creatively emanated a magical energy. For me, it is this source of magnetic energy that seemed apt to call this artwork ‘ancestral house’.

ChromaLuxe HD Metal Prints (ready to hang on wall)

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Process used: Dye Sublimation. Your image is printed onto dye sublimation transfer paper using dye-based inks and then infused onto a specially coated ChromaLuxe metal panel with heat and pressure. The result is stunning with vibrant colour and a unique dimensional quality.

36” x 21” (91.44 x 54.7cm) $2795 (plus p + p $60)

45” x 30” (114 x 76.2cm) $3500 (plus p + p $70)

60” x 35.9” (152 x 101.6cm) $4250  (plus p + p $70)

Limited Edition

As this image is a limited edition of 25, you can choose between having your image produced as a ChromaLuxe Metal Print (ready to hang) or printed on metallic paper (for framing).  See this metallic print option alternative in the online store.

If you would like to see examples of Wall feature ChromaLuxe Metal Prints and compare to Metallic Prints (for framing), please be in touch to visit my New Plymouth studio.

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