Owae Marae Metallic Print


Metallic Print of Owae Marae, Waitara taken by Tania Niwa in 1992.


“The Waitara Marae ‘Owae-whai-tara’ was, and still remains, a central focus and pride for my small hometown, and it gave me a sense of identity, a direct connection with my ancestors. The marae is strategically placed at one of the highest points in our town, overlooking the Waitara River, which the town was built on both sides of, and has a clear view of the river mouth and the Tasman Sea.  The Marae sits before the majestic rise of Mt. Taranaki, which belongs to all the tribes of Taranaki and is a very spiritual site for our people.”

From the very beginnings of Tania’s career as an artist and photographer, she has capitalised on, and been eternally grateful for, being born into a proud and traditional culture that has become the foundation for her personal and professional aspirations. Deep down, she knows she can play her part in paying tribute to, and advancing, that Maori heritage through her groundbreaking photography.