Landscape Photography

Taranaki Scenic Landscape Photography. If you would like your special view of Mount Taranaki captured at your place of significance please be in touch to discuss either having an artwork commissioned or suggesting an epic location that could be captured and available for purchase in my store.   Ideas for commissions: photography captured of your Marae and Mōunga,  your Papakainga, from your farm.

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Mount Taranaki Landscape photographer Tania Niwa
Te RewaRewa Bridge & Mount Taranaki Landscape Limited Edition

Limited Edition ‘Ancestral House’ – Mounga Taranaki glowing after dark, with Te Rewa Rewa Bridge featured in the shape of a wave and a whale, Taranaki coastal walkway, 

cape rd lighthouse full moon rising over Kaitake range with Mt Taranaki

Cape Rd Lighthouse and the first full moon of 2022 captured by drone off the coast of Pungarehu, Taranaki in the rohe of Ngāti Moeahu, Taranaki Iwi. Captured by drone.

Mōunga Taranaki with the Pouakai Range and Kaitake range, 1st January 2022. Captured off the Taranaki coast at the river mouth of the Waiweranui Stream which runs through the settlement of Warea and joins the sea at the Stent Rd Surf Break.  Ngāti Moeahu, Taranaki Iwi. Captured by drone.

Rural Taranaki Mountain landscape, Korito, New Plymouth

Mount Taranaki Photos Tania Niwa Photographer New Plymouth

Takiri mai te ata  Takiri mai te ata – the breaking of dawn, featuring Taranaki Mōunga, Pouakai Range and Mangamahoe roto (lake). 

Kei te hurunga te maruhina i runga i te Mōunga Kaitake.  Moon rising over the Kaitake range during the start of the near full lunar eclipse phenomena.

Kua mutu te pounga, kia papapounamu te whenua.            Kei te pounamu a marama ki te whenua.

The near full lunar eclipse has finished and the intense moonlight illuminates Mōunga Taranaki and the landscape.

You can see Pūanga (Rigel), the seventh brightest star in the sky shining above Tautoru (Orion’s Belt), and Tautahi (Sirius, the “Dog Star”), the brightest star of the night sky radiating in the centre of the image above the Pouakai Range and Mōunga.

cape rd lighthouse Pungarehu full moon

First Full moon of 2022, Cape Rd Lighthouse, Pungarehu Taranaki 

Owae Marae Waitara Taranaki Tania Niwa

Owae Marae wharenui Te Ika Roa-A-Maui at  captured before sunrise, c.1992 (using a Mamiya medium format film camera and 500mm lens.