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An insight into what we do – Wedding Photography Information

Following is some wedding photography information for our clients to help them appreciate how much time and effort we dedicate to their weddings. We would like to give you an insight to just what is involved from a time perspective so you can better understand what you are paying for. You will see that we invest at least 25 to 30 hours of our time for a five hour wedding coverage.

Initial consult – 1 hour
Preparation of schedule and agreement – 2 hours
Pre wedding final consult in person or by phone – 1 hour
Preparation of equipment on day of wedding – 2 hours
Travel before and after wedding (early arrival) – 2 hours
Wedding shoot – up to 5 hours
Download and archiving of files and multiple back ups – 3 hours
Editing and raw image conversion – 10-15 hours

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