New Zealand Inspired

Tania Niwa Photographer’s Maori heritage combined with a passionate interest in indigenous cultures and the native spirit of her subjects have seen her develop her mystical tribal portrait series over the past decade.

Tania Niwa continues to feed her passion by seeking new characters to capture for this ongoing photography series.

TANIA’S FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY DEFINED: “Photographers who are able to draw inspiration and strength from their cultural heritage, and who have the talent to infuse their images with the style, character and lore of that ancestry, are indeed fortunate. Such is the case with Sydney based New Zealander Tania Niwa, who is one of the shining stars of contemporary photography.

INFLUENCE: Tania has an inspirational mentor in New Zealand Darcy Nicholas. He is an international leading Maori Artist, sculptor & author. Darcy was one of Tania’s favourite Contemporary Maori Artists right back when she was 10 years old and was given a book by her parents on leading Maori artists. Although Darcy Nicholas was from Tania’s hometown of Waitara in Taranaki, NZ they had never met but Tania knew Darcy’s extended family very well.

Through Darcy, Tania has had wonderful opportunities to be a part of and record important Maori Art Exhibitions in New Zealand. At these prestigious events she has been able to meet and photograph prolific Maori and Native American Artists which is wonderful soul food for any artist including Tania:-)

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tania-niwa-te raukura-taranaki