Photography Session Preparation



It can be helpful if you could bring at least two different looks of corporate attire. Depending on your requirements for your corporate portraits/headshot.

We recommend you dress as though you are representing your company and giving a talk to a large group of potential clients.

Please bring the suit you are going to be photographed in on a coat hanger to change into. This will avoid creases in your suit.

Please send snapshots of what your clothing a few days before your shoot to for feedback.


A well fitted suit, with optional tie if appropriate within your profession. You may like to have two changes. You could bring an extra shirt and tie in different, but matching colours – this is important for consistency of image.

Please avoid striped/patterned shirts or striped suits. A plain shirt allows us to be able to digitally retouch any fine creases in post production. This is not possible if you have a striped or patterned shirt.  A dark blue suit and light blue (or white) shirt work well together.  Blue tones convey trust and calmness. A dark suit jacket and light pink shirt can also work if you are looking for an alternate option.

A plain or patterned tie works. Just ensure it is nicely ironed and there are no creases as anything patterned/textured cannot be retouched if creased.  A tie can be a great way to reflect your individual personality if desired.

Depending on what is appropriate to your profession (eg if you are a lawyer or barrister), you may like to wear cufflinks and a nice watch if we are capturing you in various compositions (eg three quarter length or as part of a group portrait). For any sitting shots that might show hands/wrists rested on an chair arm or table, please ensure that your shirt cuffs are just visible under your jacket sleeves.


A plain jacket/trousers/skirt/suit and a simple light blouse works well.  Well fitted tailored dresses can also work.  Consider having arms covered or capped sleeves/suit jacket to go with dress. Please avoid stripes (as this makes it easier when if we need to retouch any creases in your clothing afterwards). We recommend you also avoid patterned clothing as well.  It is better to keep focus on your face, than be distracted by strongly patterned clothing.  Your image should remain more timeless with solid coloured clothing as well.

The benefit of wearing a suit jacket (if appropriate to your profession/style) is that it gives you a very flattering, strong, professional shoulder line.  If you wear for example a silk shirt, without a jacket, your shoulders may look too rounded.  A suit jacket helps create a visual harmony within your image by creating a ‘frame’ around your face.

Consider if you want to primarily wear black, seeing if you can also add a splash of colour to give energy to your image.  A coloured shirt or jewellery could work.  If you love to wear bright colours to help convey your personality/style this can also work well – eg bright green, cerise, vibrant blue.  Alternatively, pastel tones also work.

Please keep your jewellery simple and stylish.

If you are wanting a second look, please bring a different coloured jacket and shirt, preferably a solid colour. Please wear long sleeves. If you have trousers with pockets can work well if we are showing more of you. We can show you in a relaxed pose with one hand in your pocket for example.


We strongly recommend that you have your hair styled before your shoot. Our trusted hair and make-up artist is Emily Rose.  She can either come to your workplace; home or our studio.  She can also be present during your photography session.

Contact: MB:0412 374 378

Ladies, if you are doing your own makeup, a light day makeup is best. With regard to amount of make-up to wear – if in doubt, less is always more! Please bring your face powder, as sometimes studio lighting can cause foundation to show areas of your skin to be shiny. Alternatively we do have a translucent finishing powder.


You can view your images as they are created. We know right away if we are getting the type of shots you need and can get your feedback that you are happy with your expressions.


We can eliminate blemishes or stray hairs, lighten under the eyes, lighten smile and wrinkle lines, and also whiten your teeth and eyes. The pictures will still look like you, just you on a really good day!


Depending on your requirements your corporate portrait session will take 30 to 60 minutes. For entrepreneur photography shoots requiring 3 to 5 different types of shots please allow at least 2 hours. If you would like to view your images after your session to select your ‘hero’ shots, please allow an additional 60 minutes.


Many of our clients have little or no professional experience in front a camera. Tania Niwa is an AIPP Master Portrait Photographer and has over 24 years experience directing people to bring out the best in each person. We know how important your portraits are to you and your firm. By subtly coaching you, we guarantee to capture your best smile and also convey approachability, professional confidence and integrity.


Corporate portraits generally fall into two categories: traditional and editorial.

Traditional corporate photography tends to be posed in a seated or standing manner and is generally taken as a ‘head and shoulders’ or ‘three-quarter body’ shot with a plain or out of focus background.

An editorial style is generally less formal and more creative. It is designed to be attention grabbing with an ‘eye catching’ composition and setting.


We can photograph individual executive portraits and large group portraits of any size on location at your premises.


For an editorial style portrait, we will be looking for backgrounds that provide interesting design elements for each photograph (e.g. interesting architecture, decor) as appropriate to the message you want to portray.

Traditional style portraits are generally shot indoors, in a boardroom, at your desk or in the foyer area of your business. We can discuss what your company has available and find the best solution.


We balance our efforts to maintain the highest level of high quality with your own deadlines so we aim to provide digital images to select from within one to two working days. Provision of final polished images is a turnaround of approximately 2 working days from when you tell us which images you would like (depending on retouching and other post production requirements).  A link would be sent for you to download images.

If you require urgent turnaround for proofs a rush fee will apply (POA).


A site inspection prior to your photo session is available and may be charged at the standard photographic and travel rate of $100.00 per hour if a distance from studio. This may be beneficial when there is limited time available on the day of shooting for pre-shoot assessment. Alternatively we can schedule additional time one hour earlier to your actual shoot.

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